May be the process is fast of burning the soul… 

May be you feel low 

Trying to Walk through it slow

Looking at all those pale faces

Leaving no traces 

Lesser goes the number of admirers 

Killing all the desires 

Carrying  a heavy heart 

Sounds like an impossible art

Sadly that’s the only part

What’s your role 

In this cruel world as a whole

Everyday brings new responsibility 

Reflecting your personality 

Irrespective of your nationality 

Some days to everyday 

May change a lot as nothing to say! 








For some of them being happy is a tough job while for some personating it. Some may think of blowing off things, letting them go, while some may put the shutters down.

“being happy is requisite”

The innocent child within us can be purely reflected in our glittering eyes but the wild and matured personality of one could be seen and felt in just one look, shining bright like an immortal fire.

“smile is one’s best curve”

Growing old is one mandatory thing but to grow with respect, prestige, spark, satisfaction and power is a choice.

“you are responsible for your happiness”

It depends on you how you want to rest situations, how you want to be treated and how you want someone to treat you, giving a lift to your thoughts and putting them into action totally depends on how well you make the strategy and implement it.

“you should know your worth”

A lots of papers together make a book, a single book consist of tons of knowledge and experience. It’s worth reading a book but its even more worth to experience things and write one. The moment you write things down or pen them down you are writing your heart out and then comes the time you have a better and clear vision to things you see, developing a better you.

For once comparing your life with paper you need to understand you write new chapters with new headings, new modifications each day. When each paper differentiate with itself in a book how can your days be constant in a year, and years be constant in your life?

“colours of happiness”

When you start to observe and think rather than just directly think, you are correctly using your senses. Every single thing you feel is different from how the other person feels, every individual has their own way to see things this is what real diversity is and not  caste and religions.

Every thing is pure in this universe until and unless someone makes their way to think about its negativity.  

“It’s an illusion”

The feeling of happiness begins where you end your process of thinking and over looking whats not real. As everything except for what you feel is an illusion.

“Don’t be lost”

Don’t be lost finding yourself! 

the act of being happy is so pure that one need not try to be but still feel it.. could not control but express it through a smile.

just dare to smile and destiny will give you the reasons! 






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You know what’s the best thing about life is? 

God always send the people you need and not the people you want.. 

The people he has sent to you believe in you more than you do in yourself.. 

They know what’s going on in your mind even when you are tangled with many questions around in your head.. 

They know the best in you and motivates you when you feel low.. 

They guide you through your ups and downs and without being selfish they are ready to help you even when they are drowning.. 

They fight for your good and takes stand for you  when you are all alone.. 

They know your struggle and never let you feel weak, they know your trouble and be the strength you need.. 

They are not God but they are not any less than God to you.. 

Don’t forget to remember them because they are the one who shows faith in you even when you lose it all.

The solution …



There is no easy way out to life.

The hardest times you face right now are preparing you for the future. 

All those things may it be told or untold, all are just making you stronger day by day. 

The feeling of giving up is temporary once you get stable you realize that those were small things you were thinking on, facing the real troubles then.. 

Each scary night gives you power to survive the fear and taking angel by the wings to see the brighter side of the world next morning. 

The motivation you need is all there with you in some other way keep your eyes wide open to see the path clearly and reach your goal. 

But never leave to survive, with power, with unity, with your brain in working condition and your heart that believes in oneself. 

Say no to problems by welcoming them without fear and tears.. 

Let your eyes reflect the power of your soul, believe me the rays would shine so bright that the problem itself will think twice to come in your way. 

Don’t give up! There’s always a solution in your hand! 



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Becoming a kid once again is a dream for many of you..
Ever wondered why once again?
If you would have never killed or left behind the child inside you this would never have been a dream..
I proudly choose to be a kid forever!
Maybe this sounds irritating to some people or some may think she hasn’t yet grown up..
Maturity is not when you show you are grown up, maturity is when you understand everything but still an expert hiding it all behind the childish smile..
I proudly choose to be a kid forever!

Be you!

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Your body does not define you,  stay the way you are!

God has sculpted you in the best way he can.. 

Flaunt yourself with natural beauty! 

You are beautiful. 

Beauty is not in the face or the body shape you got but the real beauty lies in the heart of the person.. 

Do good to yourself and others that’s what defines you.