How excited are you?


    A Feeling Of Great Enthusiasm and Eagerness.

Do you think you are excited? What for? Any exciting thing going on? Yes or No?

Umm.. the answer should be a yes, a big yes, I believe that everyday is an occasion and this is the reason that you have to be excited for each and every day. Excitement can be both being or feeling enthusiastic or eager to do something. Trying something new? or waking up to the same routine everyday? Feeling energetic? You are probably excited when you are happy and you are smiling and you feel like moving your body, greeting everyone, being positive, listen songs, dancing, look in the mirror and dress yourself up, no not going on a date and having rosy cheeks but being in a state to embrace yourself and also what’s going around or is willing to happen.

Who does not like eating? I am always excited as I smell something cooking, no not the bitches planning worse but the actual food cooked!

Raise your hands up in the air, no I’m not any Dj asking to do so but I am just excited feeling all the symptoms I mentioned above.

Life is just like a game for instance assume pubg, life has blue zone in different ways for all the survivors, it does have enemies cooking against you, it has a winner, you are revived each day when your health (energy) goes low, you got your squad’s support to save your back, you have rewards served by karma, you always try to fall back to the safe zone doing things you don’t even want to after all you also got your bills to pay! You always look for supplies you never have enough, birthday presents are your air drops, Why am I saying this? Because throughout the game you are also excited and play further and try to survive till the end. I told you excitement is everywhere, our lives are full of excitements some may be able to feel it some may struggle to figure out but eventually we are excited, no I’m not a player but a noob but yes I do feel excited everyday and I am sure yo do too.

                          Always be excited!2001082.png

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”

― Gloria Steinem



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AND as the years pass, things evolve, people leave, you grow, you change..
Tolerance to ignorance you understand..
Accurate and precise you be..
Too many to one you move..
Regrets to responsibilities you chose..
Smiles to serious you become..
Miles being mysterious you walk..
Understanding others to knowing yourself becomes the need..
Hanging out to being in bed to sleep..
Seeing the lights feeling the darkness gives you chills..
I’m towards the kindness of the cruel!
A mug of coffee to glasses of water to relax..
Beats to lyrics make sense..
Active to lazy you go..
The loud music you once loved, the minimum volume gives you satisfaction..
Remembering the good old days, going back to the time I see myself smiling to all stupid things..
Sitting in the corner thinking about life instead of gazing the stars in the night..
Low down the fire stop fighting go ahead they say..
Black VS white red VS Blue I think..
The sky seems blank the climate fades..
I’m sorry of the kindness of the cruel!
I see graffity, walls covered with beautiful colors, tall trees and towers all around..
I’m tired of the kindness of the cruel!
The mouthpiece of the world..
Too dumb to make calculations..
I’m numb to the kindness of the cruel!
All this time was myth unclear stories were told I grew old figured it out every angle was baked and mold..
Oh! I’m too small for the kindness of the cruel!
It is such a nasty place kids jumping off their balconies in the age to jump into the pools and learn..
Readily people move in the time where they should be staying together and united..
Or either I’m too old for the kindness of the cruel!
A piece of paper after folded many times the same paper took new shapes new wrinkles when put into situations..
Giving all the love for free..
I’m not afraid anymore from the kindness of the cruel!




PEACE in the time of ANXIETY
COURAGE in the time of FEAR
RELIEF in the time of SUFFERING
GUIDANCE in the time of DECISION
REST in the time of WEARINESS
COMFORT in the time of SORROW

As the wheel of life spins, we go through the high and the lows, the good and the not-so-good phases. Favourable or unfavourable, dealing with life demands constant response. And it is our nature which decides our response. When we go through life’s experiences, it naturally leaves an imprint on our unconscious mind.

But what turns the imprint into an entity is our response to it. When we deeply identify with an act or a situation, that is, if we take things personally, be it a loss, a disease or success, it leaves a lasting impact on us. Positive impact mostly leads to arrogance and conceit and negative impacts lead to fears and phobias.


Self love is an art not everyone can afford! 


Along with the self-love there’s a deep ocean of love for others too, that love is known as humanity. 

Humanity not by means of charity or help but with the means of kindness and the power of love. 

Treating people the way you treat yourself is the power of love. 


There will come times where people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, brutal, treacherous, reckless, lovers of pleasure.. 

All you have is that power of love and self-control! 

Living and letting live a life-like a human is perhaps a good deed. 

Design your own pattern and ways, spend time with yourself to know what is your pattern and there will come the time you live like a human!


Little by little each day every day i am growing and learning more intense to hide my pain,  my fears, my doubts, and clear my thoughts! 

Whole world is trying to stand against me and stab me and pull me down but each day every day I am trying to grow stronger and  fierce to face all of it! 

People might fail to understand the hardships and the stress but also fail to look the pure form and yet plan to blame! 

They may be a fool to think they are clever and put the innocence bitter and harsh, anyways the truth will never die the soul knows what is happening and why and till what time! 

Starting the journey here I become more strong more independent, taking stand lifting up! 

Is it usual?


“People don’t value them” said the old man, Whom? The little girl asked, “The one who are special to them” was the reply.
Is it true? Is it usual? And if it is, then why? Asked the little girl..
May be just because you have them and you don’t crave anymore, the old man said.
Having them, does that mean they are not important anymore? She asked! And the words later were magic..
The old man explained her in simple words..
This is how life works people meet new people and the cycle never stops, the person you admire the most is the person you need the most, you crave for the most, but only because the person is not yours, ones you have them you know they are yours but there are other people who you admire. The little efforts that person makes are not felt whereas once you just wished for their little effort.
“Is life so complicated? ” asked the little girl,”no, it’s just the humans who complicate it” said the old man.
The little girl then whispered in the ears, “I love you grandpa and I’m lucky I have you, you are special to me and you will always be”.
Little did she knew it was the last she was talking to her grandpa and it wasn’t a life fact but a complaint and an advice for the little girl to value people around her.
Always remember 100% isn’t what you need to give but just 50% of your effort and allow the person to make that 50% effort, together it makes 100%.
It is usual that people ignore the efforts made by the person they love the most until they lose them.
Yes it is usual!


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Sometimes when you look for some answers, remember some of them lies within you..
Sometimes when you sit and feel lonely, remember there’s no other better company than your self..
Sometimes when you think what people may think, remember you are a genuine soul and you don’t need to give explanations to it..
Sometimes when you feel like crying just think that there’s a better way to see life that is with a smiling face..
Sometimes when you wake up lazy thank your destiny for you are alive and healthy..
Sometimes when you actually don’t have a road map to reach your destination, believe your intuition..
Sometimes when you feel angry and helpless, remember you are stronger than you think..
Sometimes when you want to be silent be active and speak remember being silent will lead you No where..
Sometimes when you think people are fooling you, remember thinking this you are surely fooling your self..
Sometimes when you are afraid of the dark, remember there comes the brightest morning after the darkest night..
Sometimes when you feel to rely on someone, let that shoulder be your own..
Sometimes when you walk along the road thinking about life observe people living their life..
Sometimes when everything seems like a puzzle to you, remember you are the one to design each and every piece of your life..
Sometimes when you feel blank, remember there are colours are imagination with you to paint all of it..
Sometimes when your confidence goes down, remember people sitting back there are no way better than you..
Sometimes when you really want to be happy look at your self in the mirror and smile..
Sometimes when you feel tired of all the things and want to stop them gaze the sky, even it keeps moving with infinite number of obstacles..
Sometimes when you think a year has already been through a lot remember a year has many different seasons and a rainbow has many different colours..
Sometimes when you are awake at 2:00am and write articles that somehow match to your life remember the loudest voice and the beautiful lyrics comes from an Awaken soul..
Sometimes you should be with your self and rest all you feel will be the events turning into graceful moments..

The link…


The link you are and the link you can be is not so far from what you think and what you have to do.

What link am I talking about?

Brain to heart and heart to brain!
Your feelings, deeds, experience are the logs to build up the bridge but the rope is your own willingness to invite and initiate change from what you are thinking currently to what you should.
All it needs is a bit of courage and belief in oneself.
Your thoughts are all what you want to think more than what people want you to think, still the world acts too manipulative to you? Surely you lack somewhere to build the bridge and be the link.
Adjectives are certainly used to describe anything but what is an adjective? A set of letters called a word and trust me words are the one which help you describe it all, one can describe their thing without using any adjective.
Sounds dumb?
Simplify the pattern of the way you say and you won’t ever need any adjective henceforth.
What does this have to do with that link?

To create the link or build that bridge you will need like a lot many things and simplifying your communication with yourself will help you build it faster.
Sometimes just sometimes you are stuck and you lead to no conclusion or you are constantly confused, while this process you start to feel low which automatically affects your mental health, the way to escape this is to build a strong bridge between your heart and the brain.
It isn’t that easy but it isn’t that tough too!
The answer you need is with you it’s just you are finding them at the wrong place with the wrong process.

Start building the link collect the logs, tie the rope, you will be ready to sail for a beautiful journey!